Friday, August 4, 2017


The Precipice Trail by far is the most dangerous trail in the park, though it is not a trail as much as it is a climb.  Hikers make their way up the mountain side along very narrow ledges  with sheer drop offs, making their way from one such ledge to the next by means of iron ladders and hand rails.
Long before the Precipice Trail was ever built, way back in the mid 1800's, the first recorded death took place on this trail when a 12 year old girl attempted to climb it and fell to her death.  Since that time a number of hikers and climbers have fallen victim to the narrow ledges, falling to their deaths.  I have documented a number of these deaths in my blog DEATHS IN ACADIA NATIONAL PARK.
The trail is so dangerous the Park Service had a section put in just to discourage people from making the climb.  The added section is named THE TURN-A-ROUND and is a massive boulder with two iron rungs, which make the boulder had to get over.  The turn-a-round was needed because so many people would pass the large warning signs without even reading them, signs that still warn how dangerous the climb can be and how lives have been lost on the climb.
But back when the Precipice was first built, the Park Service wanted people to come and climb the trail.  They even built a side trail to a site called THE GREAT CAVE as a way to lure more people there.  Today the trail to the Great Cave has been abandoned.
The once popular HANGING STEPS - a series of large stone steps that seem to hang in mid air, was also built nearby to attract more people to the Precipice.  The Hanging Steps Trail has also since been abandoned.
Acadia National Park does not keep records on how many people have died in the park from falls and other accidents, so to learn more about people who have been killed while vacationing in the park, check out the blog below by clicking on the title -


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