Sunday, May 15, 2016


Little Hunters Beach is a very small stone beach that is not marked and hard to locate if you are not from the area.  It is most famous for its perfectly smooth round and oval stones, which some believe hold mystical healing powers.  It is the only beach of its kind in Acadia National Park and is unmarked because the park service would rather people don't find it.
Since it is unmarked, I will give the easiest way you can locate this tiny stone beach.  Drive to Blackwoods Campground and park, or take the Sand Beach free bus from the Bar Harbor Village Green and get off at Blackwoods campground.  The campground road to the far left of the bus stop will take you to a service road,  which runs through the woods a short ways.  The service road comes out onto the One Way section of the Park Loop Road. 
Follow the road moving in the same direction as the traffic, and continue on until you come to a small bridge with a wooden stairway on the left hand side of the road.  That is Little Hunter's Beach.
Oh, and removing those perfectly shaped stones is illegal.

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